CIF Number SBI – Check SBI CIF Number App, Net Banking, Passbook & Checkbook

If you have your bank account in State Bank of India and you want to know your CIF Number SBI, then read this complete article. As here we are going to give you a detailed info on how to find CIF Number SBI Bank account. To know what is CIF Number and other details related to it, check below.

What is CIF Number SBI ?

The CIF Number is known as the Customer Information File which includes the bank account holder’s all information. It not just has the information related to the bank account but it has other information also like address, contact number, identification Id number or KYC details, etc. Every bank account holder of SBI Bank has a unique SBI CIF Number.

The CIF Number SBI is of 11 digits. The bank executive or officers of SBI Bank can check customer’s details with the help of CIF No. SBI Bank. It is mandatory to update the CIF Number on a regular basis by the bank. In case, a person holds more than 1 bank account, then also he or she will have only one CIF Number SBI.

How to Check SBI Bank CIF Number?

Here are the ways of how to find CIF Number SBI Bank. You can find it online also and offline also. Now, let’s check both online and offline ways of knowing SBI CIF Number.

Online Methods of How to find CIF Number SBI Bank

  1. Through SBI Anywhere App – You need to download the App in your mobile first. Then, you can log in to the app. Then click on Services option on the App. Now open Online Nomination option. On the next page, from the drop-down menu, select the Transaction Account and select your account number. There you will see your CIF Number below account number.
CIF Number SBI Bank App

CIF Number SBI Bank App

SBI CIF Number Net Banking App

SBI CIF Number Net Banking App

CIF Number SBI Net Banking

  1. Through SBI Net Banking – Login to SBI Net Banking Account of yours. Click on Account Statement and then select any two dates for checking account statement. Select the option of View and then click on Go option. On the account statements page, you will see your SBI CIF Number.
CIF Number SBI Net Banking

CIF Number SBI Net Banking

Other than this method of net banking there is one more method. After login to net banking, click on Account Summary. There you will see View Nominations and Pan Detail’s option, click on it. In the next window, you will see SBI CIF number.

CIF Number SBI Online

Offline Methods of how to find CIF Number SBI Bank

  1. On SBI Bank Passbook – If you have an SBI Bank Account and you have the passbook, then the CIF number may be present on the passbook also on the first page.
  2. SBI CIF No. PassBook

    SBI CIF No. PassBook

  3. On SBI Bank Cheque Book – If you have chequebook of your SBI Bank Account, you may find the CIF Number printed on it.
  4. SBI Bank Toll-Free Number – You can call on SBI Bank toll-free number, 1800 425 3800 or 1800 11 2211 or 080 26599990. You will need to share few details to get your identity verified. And then, you can ask the customer service executive of SBI Account your CIF number.
  5. Directly from Bank – By providing your account details or showing your passbook, you can ask the bank officers your CIF Number. The bank officers may verify your signature also.

Make sure that, you do not share your ATM Pin or any such sensitive information on any call or through SMS for knowing your CIF Number SBI Bank.

Importance of SBI CIF Number

The SBI CIF Number is of great importance from the bank’s perspective also and from the customer’s perspective also. For the bank, it is important as it helps in finding all the essential and required information regarding the bank holder on one platform. The bank officers can check every info, even the loan regarding info also on the CIF.

And if looking at the customer’s perspective so, the CIF Number SBI Bank is required while creating a net banking account also. Other than this, if the customer wants to change the branch of their bank account then also SBI CIF Number is required.